Sunday, December 9, 2007

One Month Anniversary.....

Hello, we have officially been home one month today. This first month has been wonderful. I can't believe how far along the children have come with their English. We started school and they LOVE school. They love the school bus and the fact that Casey is always waiting to greet them when they come home. Fortunately, I was able to switch my work hours so I am here to get them on the bus and I'm off and waiting by the time the bus brings them home. We have started swimming lessons at the Y and they LOVE playing basketball while I'm working out. Rose is a natural at basketball.

Isaak has been asked by the Kewanee Library to teach an 'Oragami for Kids' class, and he proudly accepted.

I'll post a few pictures of decorating the Christmas tree and our 'routine' around here. We gear up (insulated bibs, camoflaged coats, headlamps and whatever it takes to endure the weather) and head out every evening after homework to walk Casey. They enjoy 'tracking deer' and we hit the woods and follow deer paths and photograph deer when we see them or lay in the tall grass and listen to the Canada Geese fly overhead or sometimes they like to stop and listen to the wind in the pines as we hike deep in the woods with our headlamps lighting the trail. These children are 'nature lovers'!!! I know we will make many memories hiking mountain trails, camping in backcountry campsites, fishing for trout on alpine lakes - they are already wanting to know when we are going to go 'backpacking'! Rose is our photographer, Isaak is our leader when we get lost (as he always knows the route to get us home, even the nights we forget our headlamps and darkness sneaks up on us)!, Grace is our scout as she has an eye for wildlife and is always the first to whisper "look big buck!" or "look two does". hee hee They are eager to 'hunt' so everyone will be getting pellet rifles for Christmas and next fall will find them in Hunter Safety Course and the DNR Wingshoot Clinic here at the park. We should be afield in time for Dove and Squirrel season in September!

Saturday evenings are pizza and movie night for us - at least this our winter routine. They enjoy going to the library to get movies and by 6pm we are all cuddled up on the sofa with pillows and blankets watching a good movie. Yes, that is Annie Cat on me and Grizz on Grace and down below Casey boy lays at our feet. Isaak wanted to take this picture, but yes, this is our Winter Saturday Night Special! lol

I can't begin to tell you how great these children are. Every day is a thrill to them. Today we took sleds and headed to the local ski hill - wow, are they fearless!! They run and plunge down the hills head first and giggle all the way down. Of course, I'm behind them, feet first, dragging my hands, heels and anything else I can to slow my descent!

They are eating good and gaining weight. I think everyone is up about 5 pounds since we arrived. They love chicken stir-fry (this is good!), salad with any kind of meat in it, bortsch of course, pasta, rice and chicken, fried chicken, cheeseburgers on the grill, omelets, bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches, oatmeal and yogurt etc... You name it and they like it. When we grocery shop, they fill the cart with raisins, apples, grapes, walnuts, peanuts, pears, strawberries, yogurt, apple sauce, etc.... I'm thrilled that they love 'healthy' snacks. At least for now they do.

I know quite a few folks have 'challenges' their first month home but I couldn't be more honest when I say that this has been a great month and the kids are 'good children' and they have warm, loving spirits. Yes, it's busy of course and I don't have much time for myself - any single parent of three knows this! - but "I" am the fortunate one and am thankful for every busy day. If I can just used to 7 hours of sleep, I'll be okay! :) (for those of you who know me, I'm a 9-10 hour sleeper!!) These snowy winter mornings, find me waking at 4:30 to plow open the park roads so I can be home by 6 am to make breakfast as the school bus comes at 7 am. So we have early mornings around here.

For those of you waiting to adopt, I can only share that although the time ticks by painfully as you wait, you forget all of that once they are home!


Kathy & Matt said...

It is such a pleasure to read your post and to see how incredibly well your children are adapting to life here.

I am so thrilled for you!
Thanks for continuing to post. It's fun to follow the journey as families come back home.

kv said...

Such an encouraging blog? What are the kids ages? We just started the process to adopt 2 or 3 older siblings.

kv said...

Sorry, was supposed to have an exclamation point after such an encouraging blog!

John and Amy said...

Hi Melinda!
I would love to see an updated picture of the kiddos! I bet that they have changed a bunch!

Best wishes!